The challenge
ROTOR Big Race is presented as a challenge to face in the peninsular center, a long-distance route where the mountain bike is the protagonist. It is a test that rescues the mountain bike of yesteryear by wrapping it in an XCM format where the dizzying descents and long climbs test each of the participants who will take the exit.

The philosophy
ROTOR Big Race’s philosophy is based on offering a personal challenge in which to test each participant’s own physical and mental limitations. The same runner will be the one who must administer the forces and put all the attention and concentration on each descent to be able to reach the end of the test.

A marathon in which enjoyment will be assured, in which there will be many pedals and whose route forces you to be very attentive. And all submerged like the northeastern mountains of Madrid.

Why BIG?
The comparison between kilometers and unevenness makes it different from other marathons in Madrid and the peninsular center. A career with a great difference in which you can not trust or relax a single moment. Besides, you will explore roads and views of great beauty, with which you will finally be running a BIG race in every way.